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Salaries & Benefits

Our focus is on P.O.S.T. Certified Officers who have already attended an Academy. However, if you are currently in an academy, please apply. We are open to candidates looking for their first opportunity.

Level I Police Officer: $67,496

Level VII Police Officer: $94,848

  • Excellent Medical, dental, and vision insurance
    • Employee is at no cost. Contribution required for dependents.
  • Flexible spending account
  • Life insurance in the amount employee’s current salary.
  • 9% of officer’s annual salary paid into 401(a) by the City with 5-year vesting period. 7% employee required contribution to retirement in lieu of social security
  • Long Term disability
  • Membership for employee and dependent family members to Glendale Sports Center.
  • 12 paid holidays.
  • Paid vacation:
    • 80 hours of vacation annually for 1st 5 years
    • 120 hours vacation annually after 5 years
  • Sick pay accrued at 96 hours annually
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Death & disability plan benefits through FPPA
  • Annual Quartermaster for purchase of uniforms and equipment
  • Free dry cleaning for work clothing
Police In Shooting Range


We actively seek candidates with previous patrol experience, detention/correction experience and/or military experience. Candidates with previous experience and training candidates will be started out a higher Step Level then candidates with no previous experience. Experienced candidates will also find it easier and quicker to progress through seven Step Levels based on our Core Competency system which recognizes, experience, training, and accomplishments.

Out of State Officers and Military Police Officers should visit the Colorado P.O.S.T. website for information on Provisional Certification.

Hiring Process

The community places a great deal of trust in the people they empower to be Police Officers. This is a duty that is taken very seriously at the Glendale Police Department. As a result, the Department conducts a rigorous hiring process to ensure all candidates possess the necessary character to wear the badge of a Glendale Police Officer.

Step 1
Initial Application
Candidates interested in applying for the Glendale Police Department should complete a City of Glendale application indicating their interest. Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements will be contacted for further testing.
Step 1
Step 2
Written Test
All candidates must pass a written test with an overall score of 80% before being hired. The written test is a standardized test that covers math, reading comprehension, grammar and incident report writing. In addition, the candidate will complete answers to three short essay questions.
Step 2
Step 3
Physical Fitness Test
There are eight parts to the Physical Fitness Test, and all candidates must pass all parts of the test before being hired.
Step 3
Step 4
Ride Along
Candidates interested in working for the Glendale Police Department are encouraged to Ride Along with one of our Patrol Officers to get a better idea of the culture of the department and uniqueness of our city.
Step 4
Step 5
Oral Boards
An integral part of the testing process is the Oral Board. Candidates will be interviewed by a board of Glendale Police Officers to assess their levels of character, competence, and cooperation. These are not one-sided interviews and candidates are encouraged to ask questions as well.
Step 5
Step 6
Background Check
  • Background application and verification of information
  • Polygraph
  • Job Suitability Test
  • Interview with Chief of Police
  • Interview with Leadership Committee (made up of City Leadership)
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Medical Evaluation/Drug Screen
Step 6

Physical Fitness Test

  1. Must be completed in 10 minutes and 12 seconds or less
  2. This tests measures VO2 Max along with a subject’s aerobic endurance and anaerobic power. This test simulates a Use of Force situation lasting more than two minutes
  1. Must be completed in 90 seconds or less
  2. This test measures anaerobic power and simulates a short foot pursuit, sprinting ability, and a use of force situation lasting less than two minutes.
  1. With two feet must jump onto a 16-inch platform and then jump down landing on two feet simultaneously
  2. This test measures anaerobic power and explosiveness. This test measures the ability to move from a standing stationary position to rapidly reacting (getting of the “X”).
  1. Must complete 15 push-ups without resting on the ground
  2. This test measures muscular endurance and upper body strength. This test simulates the ability to lift, drag, push, carry, and pull people or items.
  1. Must plank for one minute straight
  2. This test measures muscular endurance and core strength. This test simulates the ability to lift, drag, push, carry, and pull people or items. Core strength is also important to prevent lower back injuries.
  1. Must be completed in 6 seconds or less
  2. This test involves an officer starting in a seated position on a chair with their arms crossed over their chest. Without moving their arms, the officer must rise, walk around a cone placed 8 feet from the chair, and return to a seated position in the chair.
  3. This test measures flexibility and balance which are important towards injury prevention.
  1. Must keep one foot off the ground for 30 seconds.
  2. The officer will lift one foot approximately 6-inches off the ground, look at his foot the entire time, and count (one-one thousand, two-one thousand, etc.) for 30 seconds (which will be timed by the instructor).
  3. This test measures flexibility and balance which are important towards injury prevention.
  1. Must be completed in 10 seconds or less
  2. Wearing a 20 lb. Weighted vest (to simulate normal duty gear) the officer will walk up nine steps and return down the same nine steps.
  3. This test measures flexibility, balance, muscular strength and explosive power

The Physical Fitness Test is comprised of eight individual tests. All eight tests must be passed in order to receive a passing score.

Our Mission

Back Of Police Glendale Colorado Officer

Mission Statement

We serve through Character, Competence, and Cooperation to create a safe and successful community.

We believe leadership and development are based on character. We believe it takes character to build healthy relationships and improve our world.

We embrace a Concierge Policing philosophy, rather than only crime response or punishment. If you are the type of person who would rather help identify the source of the problem instead of that reactionary responder, then Glendale Police is the department for you.

We also pride ourselves in being a concierge police department, where our first response is to help, not to penalize. We believe in efficient conflict resolution within the community and businesses, where we are proactive and preventative.

Glendale Police Department employees take pride in the high level of professional service they are able to provide to the community. We look forward to meeting the challenges of the future by working in partnership with the resident and business groups within the City. We hope the information contained on this site is informative, and we encourage you to contact us if you would like to know more about the Glendale Police Department.

Glendale is approximately one square mile and is surrounded by the City of Denver, however it is part of Arapahoe County. Glendale encompasses the intersection of S. Colorado Blvd (busiest stretch of paved road in the State) and Leetsdale Drive (fifth busiest stretch of paved road in the State). Glendale has numerous large retailers, bars, office buildings, and apartment buildings. There are no houses or schools in the City of Glendale.

The Glendale Police Department has 30 sworn officers and approximately 15 additional civilian staff members. Glendale has its own Dispatch Center and a Co-Responder Program. The City contracts out with Denver Fire and Denver Health Ambulance for other services.

Glendale Officers receive a great deal of training and are expected to handle a variety of calls for service without the assistance of specialized units or officers. Due to our small size our response time is very short, and officers often arrive on scene while crimes are still in progress.

Besides patrol cars, which are rotated out of service every three years, officers have access to bicycles and Can-Am Spyders. We choose Can-Am Spyders because they are more suited to our urban environment and are accessible to riders of all shapes and sizes.

Visit the Colorado P.O.S.T. website for a list of disqualifiers for sworn police officers:

Ride Along

We do Ride Alongs for adults who live and work in the City of Glendale and also for candidates seriously interested in a law enforcement career. Ride Alongs are usually 4-6 hours long and are subject to availability of officers. If interested in a Ride Along please fill out the form below.

Ride Along

Police Officer

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Glendale Police Department is dedicated in pursuing top candidates to join our team. We believe in hiring the best; those who are problem solvers rather than problem "spotters".

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